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im sooooo bored of kale and it’s such a pain in the ass to cook with, i wish the fresh-n-local sold chard or rapini so i didn’t have to go Actual Grocery Shopping to get the right greens,

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Alexander Missen


Alexander Missen

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timing was bad so the kale and sausage could’ve both cooked a little less, but otherwise,

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2 pounds of penne, a head of kale, local italian pork sausage, garlic, ginger, shallots, sweet onion, green onions, some hop nosh for flavor

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so, this post is not a direct reflection of the current Big Scandal with myc. it’s some thoughts that have been percolating for years, especially in the past few months, because of a great many different Big Scandals.

i’ve been in the position before of desperately trying to convey to my peers that people in our community have abused me and/or my friends and so we can’t be around those people, can’t be at events that they host/attend, etc, and could the community at large please give us a hand and make a strong stand to say that having people around who behave that way isn’t acceptable?

here is the problem:

exile from queer community does not work as a strategy for protecting queer people from abuse. ime, it just means that the person in question moves on to different regional communities.  then, because there’s generally a demand that everyone cut off communication with the abuser and thus doesn’t know what’s up with them these days, they’re unable to reach out to people in the abuser’s new community and advise caution.

it also doesn’t work because here’s the stark reality: if you are trans, often a lot of your support—not just emotional support, but also financial, housing-related, physical health-related, etc etc, tends to come from trans communities.  when we cut abusive trans people off from trans communities completely, there’s a strong chance that they’ll be left totally devoid of such resources. i’m not ok with a doctrine that demands this, both just because i think everyone needs access to such resources, and because i think an abusive person w/ no access to basic things they need to live is going to be more unstable and likely to hurt people.

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I am the opposite gender. I am the infinite, negative gender. I am the all-seeing black hole gender. I’ll destroy everything

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guess whose ears started flipping up today..

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Prison Is Not Feminist: These photographs are of attendees at the exhibition of No Selves To Defend that was held on July 18, 2014 and were taken by photographer Sarah Jane Rhee. The sign was designed by Antonia Clifford.

According to @prisonculture, this is how they framed the actual exhibit:

We decided that we would anchor it with the stories of Celia (a 19th century enslaved black woman) and Marissa (a 21st century unjustly prosecuted black woman).

All of the photographs created with the sign can be seen on the Prison Is Not Feminist blog, and a few photos of the exhibit itself are on Prison Culture blog.

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