a quadratic and phantasmal being


think about it like this too: capitalist corporate america expects strong people. strong people who can get out of bed at 5am everyday and be out until 8 or 9 at night. people who can walk, lift, sit at a desk for hours at end, be awake for hours at end, make the 6:36am train to catch the 7:10am bus to get to work at 7:30 and work until late at night.

capitalist america wants people with perfect communication skills, who can type 150 WPM and push carts full of files and walk up and down tens of flights of stairs.

capitalist america wants someone who can work 40 hours a workweek and 20 hours on weekends. they want STRONG and YOUNG and PERFECT. 

being weak is bad. it is detestable. and being disabled can mean you’re “weak” in the eyes of capitalist america. you could be as “smart” as they come, but not being able to work the 9 - 5 + 20 on the weekend is considered bad. it is considered unacceptable. it is considered unemployable. 

ableism is real because we shame people for being disabled, for being neurodivergent and not following every single rule that is put down by an oppressive society and a capitalist free market that wants PERFECT and STRONG. 

disabled is not bad or weak.

albert einstein said once that “everybody is a genius. but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

things need to change to accommodate those who don’t work the way capitalist america wants us to. and that starts with speech, because as we know, speech is oppressive. slurs are acts of violence.

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Just hanging out!

its tiny

whats up with the husky chihuahua?

She is an alaskan klee kai, a pure breed of dog, completely unrelated to a chihuahua.
Klee kai are a rare breed of dog that resembles a small husky. She is also very small for breed

honestly thank you so much. 


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i bought renter’s insurance! i’m an adult.

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I made a comic about Furby babies and emotional neglect. As you do. (Click through for more legible resolution!)

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also nervous because i’m temp to hire and what if they decide that accommodation is too much of a pain and that hiring me for the long run isn’t worth it? actually not that big of a deal because this isn’t my ideal tbh

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i need to talk to my boss again and explain that i’m disabled but like…. how do i approach him when we already talked about flex hours. it’s gonna sound like i just spent two days coming up with an excuse

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uh oh i don’t have any bandaids left at work

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where online can i read up on black nationalism and malcom x and stuff like. i have a bunch of ebooks from readabookson (rip in rest) but they’re hard to read on my kindle b/c they’re scans

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